With online experiences, tourism becomes virtual, connected with local tourist guides

You can travel safely and easily even in the time of the Coronavirus. It is enough to have a simple online connection, everything becomes simple and immediate, with online experiences tourism becomes virtual.

From this comes Snuping Online Experiences. These are food and wine and cultural experiences transmitted live on the internet, with the use of video conference software. Virtual travelers have the opportunity to connect with local tourist guides and live a travel experience by participating in online entertainment activities, such as: cooking lessons and wine tasting, virtual walking tours of the cities of art, food quiz.

If tourists cannot travel and visit countries like Italy, France, India or China, Snuping will take care of delivering Italy, France, India or China to your home. Such as? Thanks to technology, creativity, but above all to the passion of local experts.

The virtual traveler visits the site, explores the “online experiences”, chooses the activity that most attracts him, books with a click and buys a ticket to the event at super modest prices (4-15 euros). At this point, he will only have to connect from his computer on the chosen date and time and enjoy the experience with all the comforts of home.

Snuping tourism experience is Virtual Tour. It is a tour that is experienced in video conference by a local tour guide, with whom you can interact.

During the projection of the video on Zoom (video conference software), tourists thus have the opportunity to explore and live the experience, while comfortably sitting on their sofa at home. But what makes online experiences innovative is the ability to interact with the local guide during the online experience.

Tourists are thus involved in quizzes, surveys and cultural discussions; they have the opportunity to ask questions and therefore, to enjoy a preview of the city of their future destination. In addition, they will share the experience with other connected people from all over the world.

Why online experiences? Online experiences do not aim to replace tourism ‘in person’, but rather to reinforce it. In fact, virtual experiences will represent a powerful marketing tool to promote new destinations and allow travelers to have a preview experience of the real journey they are planning to do.

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