That’s why dancing together is an experience that helps the mind and body of children and the elderly

The generational conflict between grandparents and grandchildren can drive them away and can have negative repercussions for young and old. Children risk losing the wisdom and life advice of the elderly, and the latter can experience loneliness and lose the freshness and enthusiasm that only children can give. Dancing can be the bridge to bring grandparents and grandchildren together.

This was supported by a study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology that invited grandmothers and grandchildren to dance together.

16 grandchildren went to their grandmothers’ home for free dance sessions lasting 10-15 minutes, once a week for three weeks. Young girls were advised to indulge their grandmothers’ movements, encourage their skills and let them rest when needed.

The study authors then analyzed the videos of the dance sessions, personal diaries and interviews, concluding that the meetings aroused positive feelings in the grandmothers. For their part, the young women said they had developed a different perception of aging, and that they had the opportunity to reflect on what the grandmother’s departure could mean. Both the young girls and the grandmothers felt more united by this experience.

Do something with, experience with…

Maintaining a relationship and an emotional connection between different generations is challenging, but it can be very rewarding, therefore.

The study shows that “doing something with, or having an experience with” is probably the approach that allows you to bring closer and share not only an experience, but also the value of a bond and the meanings that underlie it. It has always been this way: the elderly have taught young people about life and how it is in the world, not only through the sharing of stories, but also through the sharing of experiences.

Online experiences, in this sense, can help us maintain relationships between the elderly and young people. Attending a live online dance course can become an important experience for both generations, approaching them in a safe context (staying at home).
From a motor point of view, it cannot be forgotten that practicing dance has important positive effects on health at any age.

Several scientific studies have, in fact, shown how dancing means for the elderly an improvement of different qualities related to health, which include beneficial effects on the cardiovascular and respiratory system, balance, coordination, memory, and which are reflected on the improvement of daily life.

Even for young people dancing and following a rhythm with their own body is a very important form of expression, which allows to improve coordination, the motor learning of new gestures, the efficiency of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as fundamental functions such as memory . Finally, in young people, the practice of dance seems to have positive implications for psychological and social well-being, personal satisfaction and self-motivation.

In conclusion, the study shows how grandparents and grandchildren can be mutually encouraged to share some physical actions. Attending, elderly and young together, an online dance course is, therefore, useful for keeping the relationships between 2 generations so distant alive

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