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What can a tour guide do after the coronavirus crisis?

new opportunities for tour guides

At this time, when the tourism sector is so severely affected by the effects of Covid-19, what can a tour guide do? With the Coronavirus emergency, all reservations were canceled. And there is no certainty about the timing of a possible recovery of physical tourism, as we have experienced it until recently.
It is time for tour guides to reinvent their work.

Snuping has the answer: we invite tourist guides from all over the world to offer online guided tours, a new experience to live.

To know how to tell a city it is not enough to know it as your own pocket, because transmitting its essence is an affair that can only succeed to those who love this city deeply.

Zoom in hand, and with a casket of anecdotes to rattle off, the online tourist guide can virtually walk with guests, offering a new online experience: a live guided tour lived comfortably from home.

Visit the beauties of a city, staying at home, with a dedicated tour. An experience to live online, interacting live. Therefore, there is no pre-packaged video that is the same for everyone, but each guide is dedicated, thanks to platforms such as Zoom, to people who ask to try this experience. Responding to their curiosities and the interests of each guest.

The virtual itineraries are dedicated to small groups so that everyone has their own space to participate directly in the online guided tour.

The profession of tourist guide provides, alongside the knowledge of the heritage of the area, a propensity for meeting and dialogue, essential to make dissemination and to make visits pleasant moments of a trip. We at Snuping believe that this attitude can keep its charm intact, and also lived online while staying at home.

Not only tourist guides, but also experts, winemakers, managers of villas and castles, naturalistic guides can use the method of online experiences, to make the place where they live known to the whole world and to discover nature, beauty, passion and culture of those places. All this thanks to online experiences, the new frontier of online tourism. Are you wondering at this point how online experiences work?

Online experiences are proposed as a new method to earn money, a new form of business, which will remain even when Covid-19 has been defeated. Tourist guides from all over the world will be able to use this system to maximize their earnings by inserting an online experience (a virtual tour) in the spaces left free from tours and physical experiences.

Online experiences are a response to job searches and new opportunities for tour guides, but also tourism, cooking and entertainment professionals around the world. We will soon be online with the final version of the Snuping platform. Signing up to Snuping costs nothing. For the first members of the community there are discounts and promotions on commissions.

Contact us to find out more, to be informed when we are online with the final version.

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