We are launching Snuping online experiences - Snuping Online Experiences Snuping Online Experiences

We are launching Snuping online experiences

Virtual online experiences are perfect for the whole family

Although the spread of Coronavirus has taken away a fundamental part of our life: such as relationships with other people, travel, discovering new places, trying new foods, learning new skills, making new friends. The desire to live all these experiences has remained unchanged, in some cases even increased by the feeling of lack of all these activities.

So we asked ourselves how we can see the world in a completely new way. Just as we thought about how to go about living these experiences, trying to live them online, we found that Airbnb was also committed to helping everyone explore the world online by returning home. Airbnb now offers many of its physical experiences, transformed into brand new online experiences.

We at Snuping are doing the same. We have created a community dedicated to online experiences, a new way for people to connect, travel virtually and earn revenue during the COVID-19 crisis.
Communities around the world are committed to protecting their health and that of others by staying at home. Snuping is dedicated to those people who want to exercise or pursue a passion while staying at home.

So what is Snuping online experiences? It is a way for people to host travelers online, at home, and to let their guests discover their world, to let them live their experiences. All this while remaining at home.

This is also a great opportunity to create a new business. Let’s think about tourist guides. In this Coronavirus period, tourism is the sector in greatest suffering. Thanks to Snuping, tour guides can organize themselves and create live online tours of their city, make their city live in a completely new way, creating online experiences that can excite their guests. At the same time, this online activity can be a new channel for earning, both now in the Coronavirus era, but also in the future.
Tour guides can create small tours lasting 1 or 2 hours to show uncommon aspects of their city. This they will be able to do even when the lockdown is finished, occupying spaces between a classic physical tour and the next one.

How online experience works? It will be hosted on Zoom. Snuping will provide hosts with free access to Zoom along with personalized support services for the care, acquisition and sharing of their online experience.

Reservations will soon be available with various virtual experiences. We are looking for hosts who want to share their passions and experiences. Contact us to find out how to become a host and start making money at home.

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