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Online experiences, usable live even if you are at home

Virtual online experiences are perfect for the whole family

We present Snuping Online Experiences, a new way to travel virtually, connect with other people, learn something new despite being closed at home.

For those who provide the experiences, they are also an opportunity earn money, given that tourism activities will be limited for a long time. But they will be an opportunity even after tourism has resumed its normal activity.

The idea is proposed to both individuals and companies as a remote team building activity, or as an opportunity to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with groups of friends or learn new skills with the help of professionals and experts.

We are looking for experiences created by hosts from all over the world. Some examples: from the Buddhist monk from Osaka who teaches meditation, to the Irish dance lesson, or a virtual bike tour with an athlete, or tricks with a professional magician. Live online experiences are also ideal for lessons related to culinary specialties such as pasta from Rome, Mexican sauces from Mexico City, coffee from New York, cocktails from Bath, cheeses from Sonoma, Swedish pastry from Stockholm, cooking Moroccan with a family from Marrakech, or steamed buns from Singapore. But also meditation exercises or fitness classes.

How an online experience works? Simple: thanks to Zoom the hosts will be able to transmit their experiences, and share them with the guests who have purchased the ticket. Interacting will be simple and fun. Learn, know new things, in a new way.

All of this is: Snuping online experiences

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