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Live online experiences with locals to discover distant places and cultures

Snuping wants to bring unique activities to the homes of travelers around the world

The latest travel trends have shown that travelers are increasingly choosing to immerse themselves in local culture during their visit. Travelers want to do what local people do, and eat where the locals go.

Snuping experiences perfectly answer this type of question, thanks to the direct connection with the local inhabitants it is possible to live online experiences, to discover distant places and cultures. A way to take a virtual journey to discover distant destinations, while staying at home.

Walking tours have always been the top experience for travelers visiting a new destination. A fantastic opportunity to get to know the city, meet other travelers and satisfy your curiosity accompanied by expert destination guides.

Here too, Snuping Online Experiences are perfectly suited to this type of activity. Expert guides and local enthusiasts can accompany small groups of virtual travelers to discover the most famous places, or secrets of their city. Thanks to the use of platforms such as ZOOM, it is possible to make guided tour sessions in a virtual way, live, staying at home, and interacting with the host, but also with the other guests of the online experience

Unique and unrepeatable experiences. Tour operators receive an increasing number of requests for unique experiences from travelers, who want to do what they do “only once in a lifetime”. An increasingly common trend among Millennials, who want to explore the world and share their stories with others.

Snuping Online Experiences offer the opportunity to live unique and difficult to achieve experiences, thanks to the support of hosts who are passionate about extreme sports, or who live in remote places. An opportunity to see up close, and to enjoy a preview of experiences to really live later.

Eco-friendly tours are increasingly popular with travelers around the world. These are generally truly unique experiences, which focus on education and sharing important details about the area and training visitors on the ways in which we can protect heritage in the future. Tours that focus on a specific cause, or that give visibility to an animal or environmental protection center, are increasingly found.

Snuping experiences in this case become a useful tool to support a cause, give it a voice and make it discoverable to travelers all over the world. Host and Guests can interact on a topic, on a place giving life to a unique online experience.

in conclusion, Snuping wants to bring unique activities to the homes of travelers around the world. Especially now that the COVID-19 crisis prevents us from traveling from one country to another, we believe that having the opportunity to live virtual experiences can be a great opportunity to continue discovering new cities, new crafts, new causes, new cultures.

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