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How to organize a Snuping experience, how does it work?

How to earn money by offering experiences on Snuping?

Do you want to earn money by offering what you can do very well and you are an expert? Do you have a hobby, talent or passion? Are you a tour guide who suffered the impact of the Covid-19 emergency? Why not “create a business from your passion” and earn money? Meet new people and have fun?

Do you already have a physical activity that has suffered a drop in turnover due to Coronavirus? Why not offer your online experience to the Snuping community? Propose your local culture on the Snuping dedicated page to promote your business.

There is room for everything and everyone: you can accompany tourists to discover the beauty of your city, or you can offer a course to teach them something like an Italian or Mexican cooking course, rather than a meditation course. People who want to visit and get to know a certain city love to relate to the locals because it is the best way to get to know the places and make new friends.

How to organize Snuping experiences?

Quite simply, the “Snuping online experiences” are activities that you can offer to virtual tourists who are interested in your city. It is possible to propose for any city in the world: Milan, Florence, Naples Capri, Lisbon, Moscow, Cairo, Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia or Vatnajökull in Iceland …

The experiences are limited to a small group of participants (no more than ten), and can be purchased online by virtual tourists (Guests), and live them without leaving home. Interacting live with your Host.

How does the registration process work?

1. First of all, check if what you want to propose is in line with Snuping’s expectations.
2. Try to create your experience by explaining it better by adding many photos and details.
3. Send everything and wait for Snuping’s response.

Propose an online activity on Snuping

Afraid of not being able to handle everything? Understandable fear, but we want to calm you down immediately. You decide everything you propose in the times and ways you prefer. Do you only have one day a week or one a month?
Perfect, no problem! You can only activate the experience on the day you are available.

Do you think that your online experience is not suitable for too many people? Here too you have the power to decide the size of the groups: even just one person. You choose!

What online courses or activities can you offer?

There are many categories ranging from:

  • Sport
  • Nature
  • Social
  • Entertainment
  • Food
  • Art

To ensure that your experience is accepted, make it as detailed as possible by emphasizing your skills and professionalism.

What can you offer?

1. Tourist activities
2. Activities you can do well or do for work.

For the first option, take a cue from the city where you live, and that you know, and accompany virtual tourists to discover your country. People come from all over the world and are excited to be able to enter local life.

Some examples:

  • Walk to discover local attractions
  • Bicycle to the park.
  • Snowshoeing on the snow.
  • Basic French course.
  • Morning yoga class on the beach.
  • Creation of typical local dishes.

If you are a restaurateur, or a chef, you can organize cooking classes such as:

  • Teaching how to make tiramisu (dessert known all over the world).
  • Making fresh pasta at home
  • Teaching how to cook Belgian Waffles
  • Prepare an aperitif …

Depending on your business you can propose:

  • A car ride on the scenic route.
  • If you are a tour guide you can prepare specific routes and propose them in English to tourists.
  • Diving, surfing, sailing instructor? You can propose diving techniques and secrets or illustrate places.
  • If you are a photographer and live in a city full of splendid monuments such as Florence, Venice or Rome you can propose your photo book and explain how you made it.

Why propose online experiences through Snuping?

1. Gain visibility. If you have an apartment or B&B that is undergoing a collapse in bookings due to Covid-19, in addition to generating an alternative income, you could still make yourself known and find future customers of your accommodation facility (word of mouth is very effective). If you are a restaurant owner, you can promote your business through an innovative system that, in addition to being a marketing tool, generates earnings.
Your profile, and what you propose, would end up in the worldwide showcase of Snuping Online Experiences bringing you more customers, friends, opportunities. Think about it…

2. Make money by doing what you like best. Are you a professional who has suffered a loss of turnover from the pandemic? This is a way to continue doing what you can do, offering your knowledge and culture to people all over the world. Virtual tourists from all over the world will be able to live these experiences while staying comfortably at home.

Do you have spaces in your booking agenda that you want to fill? You can think of online experiences as a way to fill these free spaces, also optimizing your times and movements. Do you have a tour booked for 1000 AM? You could enter a 1-hour virtual tour experience of the same place from 0830 to 0930 AM. Think about it!

Snuping online expericences: how to be accepted in the program

Before you apply for the program, here are the data and materials you will need to provide.

1. Online accessibility
Organize an experience that your guests may have difficulty doing on their own.

2. Online participation
Your guests should be able to fully participate in the experience by participating online not only as observers.

3. Perspective
Each experience should have some personal meaning. Offer an original perspective that your guests may not have thought of before.

Below all the items that you will be asked to fill:


  • Language (select your preferred language)
  • Category (What kind of experience will you offer? Choose the category that best illustrates your experience).


  • Title of the experience
  • Schedule
  • Short description
  • Photo
  • Who I am
  • What we will do
  • Where will I take you
  • Where will we meet
  • Note

Let’s take an example to help you:

Let’s say you live in Naples and want to propose a session every Thursday, to prepare the real Neapolitan Pizza at home.

To present this experience you must:

Enter a catchy title: Make Your own Neapolitan Pizza with Vittorio

Enter the local time of the event: from 18 to 20

A short description: The real homemade Neapolitan pizza.

Photos: Take nice pictures of what you propose. As many as possible and high quality.

About you: at least 150 characters to say why choose you as host.

What we will do: description of the experience. Make them dream, in this writing involve them emotionally.

Where I will take you: description of the route (optional).

Where we will meet: in our case the ZOOM platform.

Notes: add advice for your guests, if you need to have something with you at the time of the experience, in the case of pizza the necessary ingredients and alternatives ….

Are you a fitness instructor? Do you have a manor, a farmhouse or a B&B? Do you live on the sea and want to propose a virtual boat trip? Same as above write all the required items, the maximum number of participants and the cost.

In the example of the pizza, evaluate your fixed costs for the ingredients and write the total price that you consider appropriate.

How do payments work?

Snuping Online Experiences work like standard travel experiences. All this takes place through the intermediation of Snuping to which a percentage will go.
The customer pays the fare to Snuping (including its part of the commission) which will then be passed on to you (less the percentage due: 15% of the total) at the end of the event.

These experiences, just like for tours, will be rated and reviewed.

Are you ready to start proposing your experience?

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