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How can I get reservations for my Snuping experience?

Guests can view the online experiences available on Snuping

Be careful, Snuping online experiences are set on instant confirmation! Guests can book directly based on the availability that you have set.

Messages: sometimes guests who are curious about your experience have questions to ask before booking. Turn the questions you receive into reservations by quickly answering and promoting your experience. We recommend that you respond within 24 hours to optimize the conversion rate.

Time zone: in which time zone should I set the time of the reservation? When creating an experience, set the time you are available in CET (Central European Time Zone). It is very important to inform guests through a clarification message in this regard.

Availability calendar: do I have to lock my agenda? Yup! It is very important that your agenda is always up to date. Please lock your agenda when you are no longer available.

Online connection: after making the payment, guests will receive a Zoom link in the chat.

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