Is it worth living a virtual tourism experience? Yes, for example in ... the kitchen - Snuping Online Experiences Snuping Online Experiences

Is it worth living a virtual tourism experience? Yes, for example in … the kitchen

Let yourself be conquered by a sensorial experience to discover some of the most fascinating cities in Europe

You had planned a trip to Europe, but had to cancel because of the Covid-19? If you cannot travel to Europe, Europe arrives directly in the homes of all travelers. How? For example through the kitchen.

With online experiences it is possible to try travel itineraries, to discover the food and wine traditions of each country and their typical dishes. These experiences allow us to explore the world in one bite, discovering small towns and metropolises of international renown.

Thanks to online experiences, Snuping highlights that geographical boundaries are not a barrier for those who nourish their soul by letting themselves be transported to unusual and unforgettable travel experiences, also through taste.

Did you plan a trip to Italy?

Italy is synonymous with pasta. Wouldn’t it be great to live an online experience with a real Italian chef, who will guide you step by step to the realization of your real Italian pasta dish?

With tomato sauce, a basil leaf and a sprinkling of Parmesan, it will no longer be necessary to fly to Italy to savor the Mediterranean taste of the country of great food and wine excellences.

White, red and green: just like the flag of Italy, few ingredients are needed to complete the recipe that best represents the culinary culture of the Bel Paese. With online experiences you can get an anticipation of what will soon be able to return to live in person.

The online experiences with local experts are a true celebration of authenticity and of those typical flavors which, by marrying perfectly, offer an unrivaled sensorial journey.

Dying to visit Belgium but being stuck at home?

Here comes a magnificent online experience to learn how to cook Moules Frites, one of the tastiest recipes in Belgium. No prejudices, however: mussels next to French fries may seem an insult to all self-respecting kitchens, until the moment you have them under your teeth.

The recipe, born in Lille, in the north of France, is simple and does not require great culinary skills. There are few steps to follow, accompanied by the local expert, the cooking experience will be unique. Your local expert will explain how to boil mussels, marinate them in wine or butter, fry potatoes and complete the work with a little sauce … your palate will certainly appreciate!

Try the Danish fast food experience to discover the Scandinavian country.

Smørrebrød, literally “buttered bread”, is one of the dishes not to be missed on a trip to the north. And why not try to reproduce it at home directly from your kitchen?

Great classic of this nation’s tradition, buttered bread is considered a great way to use what’s left in the fridge. Among the most famous ingredients, liver pate and sild, pickled herring with sauce.

Loved by young people and become super trendy food, before going to the stove you will only need to remember a few tips. And here comes the local expert to your rescue. During your experience, he will explain to you that each specific food is needed for each food.

A few examples? Salmon and prawns should be served on white bread. Tartar sauce with black bread, preferably garnished with egg yolk and horseradish.
The online experience lived live with a real local expert, will be a special and fun moment to live with your family.

Discover the secrets of paella with the help of a local expert.

A crossroads of tastes and traditions, Spain has been able to satisfy all gourmands with a single dish: Paella. Rice, saffron, spices, vegetables, meat and pure fish in its original Valencian version. The recipe is known as one of the dishes that brings Spanish cuisine to the world.

Famous in every corner of the globe, few people know that paella has changed over time, giving rise to numerous variations depending on the area of Spain where you eat it. The local expert, during an exciting experience, will reveal the secret to reproduce the most authentic version of the paella, staying at home, directly from your kitchen.

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